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Gordon Parker


Pan Macmillan Australia




Non-Fiction > Biography

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Gordon Parker AO, one of Australia's foremost clinical psychiatrists, is known for having strong and provocative views. He's been described as 'charming, witty and erudite', sometimes 'intimidating and intolerant', and 'variously regarded with fear, loathing, admiration and respect'.

In this autobiography, the founder of the Black Dog Institute and Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales recounts early formative experiences that eventually led to a career in psychiatry, and what he has, in turn, contributed to the profession over four decades.

He also records his concerns about the current models for diagnosing and managing mood disorders, and their weighting to often politically driven clinical guidelines. He offers his views – informed by experience, research and respect for human resilience – on what is 'good psychiatry' and its rewards.

This is a book relevant to all health practitioners – and to those curious about the fascinating world of a psychiatrist and psychiatry – by a man internationally recognised as a leading authority in the field.